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Stop Oral Care

STOP Protective And Whitening Toothpaste

STOP Protective And Whitening Toothpaste

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Enhance your dental routine with STOP Protective and Whitening Toothpaste. Harnessing nature's potency with pioneering science, this toothpaste offers a harmonious blend of proven ingredients for superior oral care.


- All-Day Freshness: Experience prolonged freshness, designed to last from morning till evening.

- Shield Against Sensitivity: Our specialized formula provides effective protection against sporadic sensitivity, promoting consistent oral comfort.

- Anti-Tartar Efficacy: Formulated to effectively reduce tartar buildup, supporting optimal dental hygiene.

- Fluoride-Free Assurance: Offers comprehensive dental care without the inclusion of fluoride.


Hemp-Based Compound: A scientifically-backed ingredient recognized for its natural protective capabilities.

Dead Sea Salt Minerals: Utilizing the therapeutic constituents of the Dead Sea for their well-documented restorative properties.

Pomegranate Extracts: A time-honored ingredient, studied for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory efficacy.

Sea Algae: Selected for its proven antibacterial effectiveness.

Green Tea Extract: Rich in antioxidants, substantiated to enhance oral health.

Natural Flavorings: Formulated to provide a pleasant sensory experience during use.

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Hemp-Based Enrichment

Tapping into the natural efficacy of hemp to bolster oral wellness.

Dead Sea Salt Minerals

Extracted from the therapeutic waters of the Dead Sea, these minerals have renowned rejuvenating properties.

Natural Whitening Power

Illuminate your smile, thanks to our potent blend that whitens both on the surface and from within.

  • Joyful animated tooth character with blue sparkles, accompanied by a blue square icon showcasing 'STOP' dental product tube and an electric toothbrush, highlighting oral hygiene solutions.

    Dispense a pea-sized amount onto your toothbrush.

  • Delighted animated tooth character with blue sparkles, enjoying a foamy toothbrush cleaning. Adjacent is a blue square icon displaying the 'STOP' dental product tube, emphasizing effective oral care.

     Brush in gentle circular motions, ensuring you reach every nook and cranny, for a minimum of 2 minutes

  • Joyful animated tooth character with refreshing blue droplets and a shimmering blue star, symbolizing rinsing and freshness. Beside it, a blue framed icon showcases the 'STOP' dental product tube for optimal oral hygiene.

    Rinse thoroughly and use twice daily, or as advised by your dental professional.

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