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Stop Oral Care

STOP Protective Oral Spray

STOP Protective Oral Spray

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Revolutionize your oral care regimen with STOP Protective Oral Spray. This isn't just another spray; it's a harmony of nature's finest, working to clean even the hardest-to-reach areas between teeth and gums. Experience sustained freshness and protection for over 48 hours with just one application.


- Hemp-based compound: Offering nature's touch for enriched oral care.

- Dead Sea Salt Minerals: With its myriad of unique minerals, it supports and revitalizes gums and teeth.

- Pomegranate Extracts: Renowned for its antibacterial properties, adding a touch of freshness.

- Sea Algae: A robust antibacterial, ensuring a balanced and clean oral environment.

- Natural Flavorings: Created to invigorate and refresh with every spray.

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Sustained Freshness

Active and effective for more than 48 hours, ensuring you always put your best breath forward.

Soothing Experience

Delight in a unique blend of ingredients that not only cleanses but soothes the mouth, providing a delicious and refreshing taste.

Safe and Gentle

Alcohol-free and devoid of artificial sweeteners, suitable for routine application.

Hydration Support

Specially formulated to assist those experiencing dry mouth syndrome, providing targeted hydration and relief.

  • Cheerful animated tooth character with sparkling stars, showcasing a blue square icon featuring a 'STOP' oral spray bottle surrounded by arrows. The image emphasizes dental care and the benefits of the product.

    Shake the bottle gently before each use.

  • Animated smiling tooth character with blue sparkles, demonstrating the application of 'STOP' oral spray from a red bottle, resulting in a protective shield over its surface. A blue square icon showcases the product, emphasizing oral health care.

    Spray 2-3 times towards the back of your throat, covering both teeth and gums.

  • Animated cheerful tooth character with blue sparkles, next to a blue square icon displaying a 15-minute timer.

    Avoid eating or drinking for at least 15 minutes after application for optimal results.

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